Cancelation & Refund Policy

O 2cab services are provided by independent third parties.O2 cab only acts as a marketplace where you can avail our services through third party services providers.

O2 cab do not take any responsibility for any harm, damage or loss to your person or property that may result from such actions or inactions relating to use of our services. This includes and is not limited to improper travel arrangements. trip delays. Situations of road accidents or any other events that lead to serious consequences, including missed flights, trains, missed appointments, important meetings or events or any physical damage to person or property.

We do not take any responsibility occurring due to such consequences. The payment made for any booking is non-refundable. We may apply cancelation charges for the same. O2 cab shall not be held responsible for its failure to provide services which arises out of the following event or situation.

1. Ats of God or elements, but not limited to fire, explosions, drought, flood threats of terrorism.

2. Failure in communication due to some technical issues.

We may modify the terms & conditions at any time without any prior notice.

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